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Our Process

Gryffin Pty Ltd is a market leading fencing specialist who offers a unique end-to-end process, from project conceptualisation to installation. Our process is founded on engaging all project stakeholders from the end-user, architect, security consultant, builder, fencer and third party suppliers alike. Our goal is to facilitate a collaborative environment where we collect requirement from all stakeholder perspectives to create a cohesive and aligned project scope, design and delivery process; all aligned to achieve end user objectives and total satisfaction.

Our Process adds value, mitigates risk and ensures end-users achieve desired outcomes. It is a one-stop-shop Process where scales of efficiency, economy and risk mitigation can be significant.


Gryffin offer a consultative approach to the high security fencing market. It is core to our value-add point of difference.

Our expert team is always ready to assist. No matter who you are, whether a direct customer or a project stakeholder, our doors are always open and we are eager to help.

In fact, we encourage early engagement in the project development process so that you can leverage our unique domain expertise. We don’t believe any other in the industry can offer the extent of experience and capability that we offer. From our humble view the earlier you engage us the better. Project scope is quickly determined, design efficiency is maximized and costs minimized.

We are regularly engaged by Architects and Consultants to assist with fencing design, and is why you see Gryffin products and designs specified in Tenders.

Risk Assessment

As part of our process, our in-house highly experienced team of technical Sales people, engineers and installation coordinators are available, as determined by need, to assess the security aspects of a site. Our decades of practical real-world experience enables us to share views of potential security weakness and offer options to harden and strengthen security. Each site is unique subject to the level of perceived risk in terms of both severity and likelihood. Our involvement helps uncover potential risk and implemntation of risk avoidance measures.

Custom Design

Innovative and customer design are core to Gryffin’s ethos. We thrive on being challenged with application specific requirements. We constantly strive to improve design and innovate.

We work to provide optimal fencing solutions by performance matching all aspects of fence design relative to required longevity and budget: Security, robustness, function, aesthetics, geology, climate, engineering, civils, steel grade, coatings, fixings, transportation and installation speed, efficiency and safety are all taken in to account.

All our design and drafting work is performed in-house using 2D AutoCad and for complicated three dimensional requirements we draw in Solidworks 3D. It is so cool rotating a complicated cranked top that is changing in elevation, or duct top fence t-intersection in 3D and see how it all exactly fits together.

Our expert in-house custom design capabilities is another key point of difference over others in the fencing industry.


Our manufacturing facility, based in Bayswater Vic, boasts custom and automated machinery designed and built by Gryffin, specifically to produce fencing components and products accurately, quickly and reliably. Our cost of production is as low or if not lower than any other in the industry, and is of the highest quality.

We are still today the only manufacturer of the original and the best Tigertape, generically known as barbed tape or razor wire. Our short barb and long barb production lines run everyday, providing fencers and projects all over Australasia.

When dealing with Gryffin you are dealing with the Designer and Manufacturer direct, which provides one-stop-shop efficiency, effectiveness and best economics.

Packing & Delivery

We pack and ship our products all over Australasia. We’ve been doing it for decades. Whether its a pick up from a local company or trucked, or trucked, railed and trucked to remote locations within Australia, or containerized and sent overseas, Gryffin knows how to get it there safely.

All our deliveries are specifically packed for the journey ahead. Some products are even designed to allow more compact and efficient loading to reduce transport costs. Weights, volumes, and protection are all appropriately accounted for to ensure a safe journey, and undamaged arrival.

Project Coordination

When you work with Gryffin, we undertake every part of your project. We appoint a Project Coordinator who acts as the go-between and glue to a planned, organised and cohesive project delivery process. The coordinator works with end customers, builders, installers, Gryffin design, manufacture and dispatch teams to ensure the project as a whole is fluid and on time. They act as the mediator between all parties so all you have to do is enjoy the end result.

Installation (Optional)

We provide installation through endorsed expert quality subcontract installers.

From what we understand there is no designer, manufacturer and installer with in-house resources and capability to deliver major projects within Australia. There is either companies like us that design, manufacture and subcontract installation, or installers with perhaps minor manufacture capability whom purchase materials from manufacturers.

Gryffin’s subcontract installers are expert like minded quality installers whom we endorse, enabling us to provide a comprehensive end-to-end risk assessment, design, manufacture, supply and installation service.

We are also very happy to connect end-users and builders with Gryffin endorsed quality installers.

The choice is yours.

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From our head office and manufacturing facility based in Bayswater Vic we reach out and service prospective and existing customers all over Australasia. Please send us a message or give us a call so that we can assist you with your needs for high security fencing and gates. It's what we do, every day.