Fencing Design and Manufacture

Fence Design, Manufacturing & Installation Specialist

Since 1986 Gryffin has led the high-security fencing market with 1st to market innovative design, manufacture and installation of high-security fencing and gate solutions. Being the first to introduce anti-climb welded mesh and Palisade fencing to Australia, patents on their Gryfhinge and Palisade Enclosure, an extensive portfolio of custom solutions, SCEC endorsement, being a Registered Defence Supplier, and still currently the only Australian manufacturer of TigerTape razor-wire, Gryffin are the one’ that discerning customers turn to for high security fencing and gate solutions.

Founded on this highly regarded position Gryffin provides unmatched expertise and capability. Their unwavering integrity, commitment, and passion for their industry means they never walk away from a problem, and guarantee that their solutions fully meet application requirement. Consultation, risk assessment, design, materials, manufacturing, workmanship, project management and installation are all guaranteed which mitigates risk for anyone choosing Gryffin.

Gryffin are committed to ISO9000 Quality Assurance, Lean Manufacturing and continuous improvement. The business value chain is driven by the customer. External customer focus is the life blood to Gryffin. Responsive, on time, affordable, quality solutions that meet the needs of the customer is what drives Gryffin’s day to day operations. They take great pride in their collaborative and partnering approach, working with all stakeholders to achieve desired outcomes.

Gryffin seek the best raw materials from around the globe, and third party local providers, to ensure ‘best of breed’ products. Whilst tempted to source lower quality lower cost raw material and/ or providers, Gryffin resist market pressure and maintain their passion to deliver unsurpassed quality; all based on meeting and or exceeding Australian and British high-security fencing standards. Each product is designed with material and coatings being fit for purpose, including strength, steel grade, coating type and coating adhesion. Any third party supplier is chosen on the basis of a like-minded commitment to quality. Only the best will do. When products are powder coated they choose air-dried Galvanizing, as opposed to lower cost quenching, to ensure best possible powder coat adhesion. Gryffin backs its quality commitment and adhesion to fencing standards by offering its customers the option, at Gryffin’s expense, to validate Gryffin’s conformance to standard at a test authority of their choice.

Gryffin provide end-to-end expertise, catering right down to site and project specific nuances.
From environmental ground type and stability, storm/cyclonic resistance, ground levels, geotech reports, civil works, non-destructive digging, foundations, anti-dig plinths, engineering drafting, electrical isolation/earthing, etc; through to mutually agreeable contract negotiation, adherence to the National Code of Practice, working in and around existing structures, working with Industrial Relations, architects, consultants, project managers, builders and any other stakeholder. Gryffin has the experience and expertise to ensure project deliverables are achieved. Above all else integrity and work place Health, Safety and Environment is paramount.

Gryffin provide varying levels of high-security products, from commercial grade suitable for commercial and council applications, right up to the most demanding high-security applications in Maximum Security Prisons.

Even when products are shipped goods are palletised with rubber, corflute and carpet protecting layers of material from damage during transport. It’s all these little things that make the difference.  After all their products are for high-security applications which demand the best available.

A real benefit is that when dealing with Gryffin there is no middle man. The buck stops with Gryffin.

By choosing Gryffin, when you weigh up all the benefits, including improved efficiencies, reduced costs and longevity, Gryffin offers lower total cost of ownership.

As testament to their guarantee Gryffin have formalised their commitment in the form of 10 Year, 15 Year and 25 Year written Guarantees. No other, provides this reduced-risk offering.

So when you need to keep them out, or keep them in, provide duty of care and minimize risk/liability, Gryffin is unsurpassed.

Gryffin’s promise sums it up: “Smarter Solutions, Guaranteed”.